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Testimonials - Personal Training

Gary was an absolute star, he stepped in only SIX weeks from my wedding day and guided my through a challenging but achievable workout regime, even giving me homework workouts!  But I made it and lost 2 dress sizes in that time.
Karen, Teesside

I have to say Gary is one of the easiest PTs I have ever worked with.  He treat me the same as every other client, and I respect him for that.
xxxx  Name withheld due to privacy contract.

I signed up with Gary as an attempt to get fitter, and that certainly happened.  When I look back now to where I started I cannot believe what I achieve now.
Jo, Gloucester

I had some upcoming TV work that I just didnt feel confident for due to no work-out for far too long.  Gary changed all that, and just 8 weeks later I was feeling, and although I say it myself, looking good.  Sometimes its not just the fitness levels or weight loss that is achieved its the state of mind that he brings and delivers to you too. Thank you

xxxx  Name withheld due to privacy contract.

My wife and I both have Gary as a trainer.  It is like Jekyll and Hyde.  He changes to suit our training needs, in that he can guide and coerce the effort from you or be a drill sergeant too.  Its ideal as it suits our needs and demands, and its what we signed up for

Mr & Mrs S, Gloucester.

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