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Drums Alive ® Certification Training Newcastle

Drums Alive ® Certification Training Newcastle

Drums Alive® Basic Instructor Training workshop is a two day training designed to provide the instructor with a basic knowledge and practical application of the Drums Alive® program.  Participants will learn the theory and application of this fun and effective group exercise program. This training will explore sound and movement therapy through drumming and music. Learn the loco-motor skills to drum your way to a distinctive and unforgettable class design!  The workshop will include:

· Introduction to Drums Alive®

· Medical and physiological effects of drumming

· Benefits of Drumming

· Basic Loco-motor Movement / Combined skills

· Basic Drumming Skills / Choreography and Practical Application

· Power Beats

· Wellness Beats

· Rhythm and Drumming Application

· Group Dynamics / Practical Experience / Class Design

Participants will receive a manual, DVD and certificate upon completion.

If an Instructor Training is cancelled, the participants will be notified 10 days before the Instructor Training. In the event of the Instructor Training is not cancelled but emergency circumstances overnight require a cancellation, Drums Alive will send an email to participants as soon as the emergency is discovered.
If the Instructor Training is canceled, Drums Alive will contact each participant to discuss options of transfer or refund.
If the Instructor Training is not canceled, and a participant cannot make it , Drums Alive will contact the participant after the Instructor Training to discuss options.
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