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Personal Training


1 2 1 Training
Personal training can be whatever you want it to be - that's what makes it personal.
For me, its about supporting, encouraging and motivating you to lead a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle.

1-2-1 Personal Training is about having me guide you through your entire programme of health and fitness development, which includes your training inside or outside of the gym.  He works with clients who need instruction and coaching in the areas of exercise design and physical activity adherence.  In a nut shell he will support your wellbeing.

This service can also be offered on a small group basis, please contact for further information.

Boot Camp

Non-military, outdoor fitness programs for small groups (up to 20 people) of men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels, lead by Gary, who will get the very best out of you.

The aim is to get people out of the gym and into the fresh air to exercise, get fit, and have fun with other like-minded people.

Exercise with friends or new friends and you will find that exercise really isn't the chore that most people think it is.

Boot Camp runs for 4 weeks, with 3 sessions per week either during the day or evening.

As a result of boot camp you will benefit from the following: Fat loss; Better muscle tone and definition; Improved overall fitness levels; Reduced recovery time after exercise; Faster metabolism which will maintain weight loss after exercise; Higher energy levels and lower stress levels; Feel better prepared for the demands of everyday life.

Parent and Teen Training (PT's with a PT)
Do you want to motivate your teen into training or do you just want some quality time with your teen?  Or maybe you just want to catch up... utilize your valuable time together wisely.
Join forces and use each other for some added motivation.  Both of you have goals, they will be different but important to both of you.

During your session, I will take each of you beyond your fitness comfort zone.. Different fitness levels - don't worry it's my job to know each of you as individuals and ensure that you are both working at and above your normal fitness level.

Distance PT
Do you live too far away from Gary to train 1-2-1?

Do not worry here is the solution for you - Distance PT...
There are three levels of distance personal training offered here.

This package is fantastic and includes the following:
Three fast acting fat burning workouts, suitable for the home or the health club.
Healthy recipes to assist the workouts in you achieving your targets.

Information on supplements that can increase effectiveness of the workout and healthy eating.


This package includes all the features of the Bronze package but with the addition of the following:
1 x DVD home exercise body toning programme.

1 x Core training device (complete with exercise chart and DVD)...small enough to store
1 x HipNThigh training device (complete with exercire chart and DVD)...small enough to easily store

1 x Apple Ipod Nano (this comes as brand new and ready for you to load any music of your choice)


This package includes all the features of both the Bronze and Silver package but with the addition of the following:
1 x Pair of Dutch Phsyiotherapy based training devices that will increase your workout by 33%
2 x Wall Charts  of exercises for the above.

1 x Fit Ball

2 x additional DVD's or electronic video (1 x Fit Ball programme & 1 x Pilates Programme)

Platinum Package

Please contact Gary for the full details of this package.

An outline only of this package is you will be provided with a specially equipped gym, sized as per the room in your property.

10 x 1-2-1 sessions within your own home no matter where you are within the UK.
(If outside the UK this number will be amended pro-rata to your location)
Provision of all equipment within the Gold Distance PT package.

Plus more.....



1 2 1 Training


Single Session:   £50
Five Sessions:    £225

Ten Sessions:    £400

Parent & Teen


Single Session:   £65
Five Sessions:     £300

Ten Sessions:     £550

Distance PT 


Bronze Package:   £160
Silver Package:      £400

Gold Package:       £550

Platinum Package 


Platinum Package:      £7750

(starting from)

Boot Camp


Single Camp:    £80
Two Camps:     £140

Three Camps:  £180

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