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Gary Daniels - Personal Trainer

With in excess of ten years experience in the health and fitness industry, coupled with a background in competitive martial arts and show business.  Gary will challenge and train you whilst still maintaining a sense of fun and enjoyment within the exercises.

He has been the first choice for hundreds of clients over the years because they soon realise that he is positive, encouraging, at times cheeky, but most of all he really cares about their progress.  Most clients consider Gary to be more of a friend than a trainer as they work with him through his widely varied courses. 

Gary says his goal as a Personal Trainer is to motivate and support you as you make effective progress in achieving and maintaining your goals.

His client base is very varied and includes those that are often seen on the red carpet as well as those that are your neighbours.  As a result of this Gary is media aware and used to being in front of the camera or featuring in magazine articles. 

Gary is widely recognised both Nationally and Internationally for his fitness knowledge and as such is demand to showcase this talent as both a Master Trainer and Presenter at many of the fitness events around the world.

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